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Still Life__Carl Kleiner

"If there is a sense of reality, there must also be a sense of possibility."


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sabato 11 giugno 2011

domenica 8 maggio 2011

71°11'8''___North Cape

One year ago. I was there. 
Well, i must admit that it still sounds kind of unbelievable to me…but i made it…we made it! May 7th 2010…NORTH CAPE!
Shall I start with: “Once upon a time…” to realize how craaazy it was?
Well…Once upon a time there were some guys, in Trondheim, Norway, that decided to leave for a 4 day trip.
Four days…one aim... North Cape.
Some other friends  Mauro, Lucia and Davide, were already motivated to go on this trip, almost ready to leave…some others were saying: “You’re crazy guys! You just have 4 days car rent  and 4000 km to drive! You’re never gonna make it!!!”
It was May 5th when Alex aka Fucking English, Elettra, Luca, Andreas and I had a meeting to arrange it all: car, food, places to see, where to stop, where -and specially IF- to sleep…

Andreas, german guys, was so precise in the organization of a “german” timetable… that it sounds like a joke…but  3 Italians, One English and a German were eventually  together leaving to reach the destination.
Five of us, but only three allowed to drive: I’ve lost my driving license (you know…Erasmus parties…) and Alex-English- used to drive on the “wrong” side of the street!
Since we were not supposed (and we didn’t)  stop for the night for the first three days, the drivers needed to have a co-pilot…well, me and Alex couldn’t even be helpful with that…basically “We just wanted to sleep!”cit.

Moreover, the only stops allowed by “Captain Andreas” were to eat and to go for a wee.
When in Tromsø, approacching the town on the E6, the “Arctic Highway”, we saw a fixed up green tend and a car very similar to the one Mauro, Lucia and Davide had, but we passed by…well, while walking to the northernmost Burgen King in the world to have a breakfast…I’ve heard somebody saying on my back: “Ao ma questi li conosco!” “I know these guys!” (well the italian way sounds undoubtedly funnier)…Well, it was Mauro!

So what we did then was to travel all together ‘till our destination.
It was useful  taking all the boats we took, not only for the cultural aspect of trip itself, but also because it was the only chance we had to use a toilet…Very Wild I know!

After crossing the Arctic Circle and after several stops in the fjords’ country (Bodø, Narvik, Alta) on May 8th, at 11p.m. 
                            WE MADE IT.

2 cars only , nobody around us, except for some reindeers, and snow…
No sounds…“Dice” by Finley Quaye was the soundtrack…
Once there…it was unbelievable… everybody was screaming (especially me, there’s a video with Mauro saying: ”Do you guys have any sock to shut Federica’s mouth?”). 

And that's it, for most tourists. Not for us! (cit.)

We started hiking, by “night” to have a barbeque in the "real" northernmost point of Norway and Europe:  Knivsjelodden.
And just before 2AM on Sunday morning, we finally arrived at the northernmost point of Norway and of the continent, Europe. There was a log book waiting for us, into which we could write our names and therewith leave a note that we had made it! The Sun was just about to rise again...(cit.)

“Nothing can compare to when you roll the dice”.
Thanks to all of you guys! :)